Click below for resources, tips and ideas to stay healthy from home!

Stay Connected

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Tips, tricks and challenges to help you connect with your friends, coaches and Special Olympics while practicing social distancing.

Stay Active

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Virtual activities and challenges you can do to stay active and fit from home!

Stay Positive

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Tools and resources to maintain the mental health of the Special Olympics community.

Stay Informed

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Information to help you understand COVID-19 and help you stay safe.

SO At-Home Exercises

Hiking Trails in Waterloo

Hiking is a fun and free way to keep fit, especially when the weather is nice like now! To find a list of hiking trails in the Waterloo Region, visit here. Happy exploring!

Attractions Ontario Activities

Attractions Ontario have launched online activities to keep individuals entertained during this time. The activities launched are:

  • Virtual Tours - Here you can ride a roller coaster, tour museums, take a helicopter ride and much more, all from the comfort of your home!

  • Learning Activities - Here you can watch historical documentaries, learn about space, and read about the best in hockey with the online resources provided.

  • YouTube videos - On Attractions Ontario YouTube channel you can learn about the different attractions located around Ontario, watch tours of these attractions, and hear what locals have to say about it!

Learning Activities

  • You can have books read to you or your child by various entertainers and actors here

  • For math games that are fun to play, visit here

  • Duolingo is a well-known app that can help you learn a new language

  • PBS Kids has fun and educational games for kids to enjoy

  • You can learn basic coding here and here

Popular YouTube Fitness Channels

Additional Activites

  • The Kitchener Public Library has provided various activities including music, games, learning resources, and much more!

  • These 12 museums all around the world have opened their doors virtually, allowing anyone to take an online tour of the location

  • Here are 20 Places You Can Visit Virtually, including links to virtually visit The Louvre and the San Diego Zoo

  • Pocket Yoga is a great way to stay healthy at home throughout the day!

  • Here you can make your own comic book

  • For the musically inclined, here you can play piano online