Head Coach Information

The SOO KW Head Coach Information below is supplemental to that provided in the Special Olympics Ontario Information Portal available for all SOO Head Coaches.

Athlete Registration

All athletes need to complete an Athlete Registration Form (available on the SOO KW webpage) and pay the appropriate fees. The athletes are not insured until their application materials have gone to our KW Registrar and then sent to the Provincial SOO office.

Athletes may register after the season has started if sport-appropriate and as space allows. The KW Registrar may determine appropriate prorated fees.

Coach Registration

All coaches and other volunteers need to complete a Volunteer Registration Form (available on the SOO KW webpage) and obtain a Police Check. The volunteers, including parents, are not insured until their application materials have gone to our KW Volunteer Coordinator and been sent from her to the Provincial SOO office.


When SOO KW funds are available, each sport club will normally be allowed a budget of $50 per athlete to a maximum of $500 per sport club per season. This money can be spent on anything reasonable related to the sport, such as tournaments, transportation, uniforms, T shirts, awards, medals and trophies. Money cannot be spent on gifts, food and drink, year-end parties and similar items.

If sport clubs have specific needs or require a larger budget, they may do fundraising following the rules below. Funds generated through fundraising will be allocated to the individual sport club.

Coaching Courses

Our current policy is to pay for coaching, first aid, CPR and similar courses when funds are available.


SOO KW is responsible for raising funds for the SOO KW Sport Club programs. Only activities that are allowed by both SOO’s guidelines and regulations as set forth by the Cities of Kitchener or Waterloo may be undertaken. All fundraising is to be conducted in a manner such that the image and reputation of SOO is maintained. SOO is solely responsible for issuing receipts for income tax purposes.

All fundraising events must be coordinated through the SOO KW Fundraising Coordinator. This prevents multiple individual sport clubs approaching the same potential donor and provides one central person aware of all fundraising activities. All funds raised by individuals or groups must be sent to the SOO KW Treasurer for deposit in the SOO KW bank account.

Individual sport clubs may do their own fundraising if they wish, following the rules above. Funds will be allocated to the individual sport club and may be spent as appropriate for the club.

Funds Received

All cheques, bank drafts, money orders and other financial instruments must be made payable to Special Olympics Ontario Kitchener-Waterloo. All funds received must be forwarded immediately to the Treasurer for deposit in the SOO KW bank account.


Insurance is required for all SOO KW sports, tournaments and events. It can be arranged through the Registrar.

Attending a Tournament

Please notify the SOO KW Treasurer when your sport club is attending a tournament out of town: the date, number of athletes attending, budget of expenses including tournament registration fees, and similar information. Transportation can be booked wherever you wish within budget limits. Previous suppliers include:

Organizing a Tournament in KW

Detailed information is available on the SOO website here: SOO Competitions.

T Shirts

K-W Colours are black (for Waterloo) and white (for Kitchener). K-W logo is available in EPS format along with logo guidelines in PDF. Local companies that have done T Shirts for SOO KW include: